VCA Next

Program Overview

VCA NEXT is the perfect opportunity to turn your creative "what if" moments into reality, and be rewarded for your innovation.
The creator of the top idea wins a $10,000 prize and the opportunity to help VCA work on implementing your idea! All VCA Hospital, Antech, Sound, AVC, CAPNA, Camp Bow Wow and Support Office employees throughout the United States and Canada are welcome to submit ideas.

Here’s how
VCA next works

  • Think of a brilliant idea.
  • Submit your idea online from 1/10/2017 (5am PST/8am EST) to 2/20/2017 (5pm PST/8pm EST).
  • The 1st Round online submissions will be reviewed anonymously by our judges. The judges will only see your idea title and description.
  • Ideas will be judged on criteria including their uniqueness, scalability and "wow" factor.
  • The judging panel will select the top five ideas from each region. If your idea is one of them, you will move on to the 2nd Round.
  • You will be able to present your idea multiple times, fine-tuning your concepts along the way.
  • Throughout the competition, there will be mentoring sessions and workshops to help you improve on your idea and build your confidence.
  • Immediately after the final presentations have been made, the first through fifth place winners will be decided by the Founders of VCA and an Executive panel.

Prizes range from $1,000 for the 5th Place winner to $10,000 for the 1st Place winner. The top ideas will be featured on the VCA Innovations website.


After all presentations have been given, the winners will then be decided by the Executive Panel. The prizes will then be awarded in accordance to placing:

  1. 1st Place $10,000
  2. 2nd Place $5,000
  3. 3rd Place $2,500
  4. 4th Place $1,500
  5. 5th Place $1,000

If your idea wins, you will also get the ability to help VCA research how we could implement your idea.

What’s new in 2017

This year we are looking for bigger and better ideas! We want you to think outside of the box and submit ideas that aren’t necessarily related to VCA hospitals and our current operations. We want you to visualize beyond your current environment to come up with an idea that’s exciting, new and hasn’t yet been explored.

2017 will be the first time we include all divisions of VCA in one competition. This includes all CAPNA, Camp Bow Wow, VCA Hospital, Antech, Sound and Support Office employees!

Our Judging Criteria has been scaled down to allow for more creative ideas. We are only focusing on the uniqueness, scalability and “wow” factor of your ideas. We hope this encourages you to submit ideas that could lead us to an unknown and exciting future!

how we judge
the ideas

Throughout all the rounds of the VCA NEXT competition, our judges will be reviewing your ideas based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of your idea
  • Scalability
  • “Wow Factor”

The goal of the simple criteria is to allow creativity to blossom. Look outside your surroundings and discover ideas that could be a new frontier for VCA, something that we have never explored before or simply a unique concept or product that we could explore.

The 1st Round submissions will be reviewed anonymously. The judges will only see your idea title and description.


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