VCA Next

Imagine. Inspire. Ignite.


It’s time to put on your thinking caps in preparation for the second annual VCA NEXT Competition. Thanks to your innovative ideas, our program will help drive the future of VCA. We value our employees’ creativity and want to reward you for sharing your vision.

Last year,

we asked you to submit unique concepts for VCA's current business, and your ideas were truly amazing. This year, we're going even bigger and better! We want you to think outside of the box and submit ideas that aren't necessarily related to VCA and our current operations. We want you to visualize beyond your current environment to come up with an idea that's exciting, new and hasn't yet been explored. Can you see something so far in the future that we should explore it today? Have you thought of something that VCA could use to pioneer the industry? We want you to show us the unknown futures that will drive significant change!

VCA NEXT is a unique opportunity to use your creativity to do something different, and your idea could make a difference in the future!

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